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If you want to send a care package to your missionary serving at the Mexico MTC or in the Mexico City area, this is the right place


If you have a loved one serving in Mexico, you will surely want to send him occasionally a care package to express your love.When you use the USPS to send a package to your missionary, it has to go through the Mexican Postal Service which unfortunately is not very reliable. Many of the packages coming from the United States will never arrive to their final destination, due to custom restrictions or lack of reliability. For the lucky recipient who actually gets a package, he will usually have to wait for more than a month to get it. Other commercial shipping services are faster and more reliable, however they are very pricey

Our goal is to give you an option to send to your missionary the American products he loves in a faster, cheaper, and in a more reliable way than any other. If you don't find a specific product you would like to send, please shoot an email to and we will try to do our best to include it in the future.

 These are the ONLY missions we are currently delivering (one-three times a week depending on demand):


Mexico City East

Mexico City Northwest

Mexico City South

Mexico City Southeast

Mexico City West

Mexico City Chalco

Mexico City North






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Welcome to our site! We love missionaries... and we know how important it is for them to know their loved ones are thinking about them. We are here to help you show your love to your missionary serving in the MEXICO CITY MISSIONS or while in training at the MEXICO MTC.